Personnel Strategies

RecruitmentTHE SITUATION- 
A client engaged my services to help build a business from scratch. He had negotiated the exclusive rights to sell a line of products in the U.S. and  I was charged, in part, with recruiting and on-boarding key personnel, at each stage of growth, to meet the needs and demands of the business.

dlb PLAN- A variety of strategies were used, based on the specific situation and position, including 1–use of temporary help (to balance out peaks and valleys of a “one-off” orders & seasonal business); 2–hiring young talent and training for the skills needed or 3–hiring industry veterans with a proven track record and relationships needed to help take the business to the next level. We also decided to outsource several major business functions to keep fixed overhead as low as possible.

THE RESULTS- My client was able to focus on what he did best as an entrepreneur, continue to source new products and develop new markets, while I was able to help him find the right people, at the right time, and in the right roles, to meet the needs of his growing business. He was able to build his business to about 7 million in sales with 10 full time employees, outsourced warehouse, fulfillment, EDI and 100 independent sales reps at its peak before his exit.